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Algerian Belmadi new Qatar coach

Qatar Football Association boss Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa bin Ahmad al-Thani (centre) looks on as Qatar’s new manager Djamel Belmadi (left) and outgoing-coach Fahad Thani shake hands after a press discussion yesterday. PICTURE: Jayaram

By Anil John /Sports Editor

Djamel Belmadi, a male who guided Lekhwiya to dual uninterrupted Qatar Stars League titles (2011 and 2012) before being sidelined in foster of Belgian Eric Gerets, has been allocated manager of a inhabitant football team.
Algerian Belmadi, who was innate in France and played for clubs such as Marseille, Manchester City and Southampton, will take over from Fahad Thani who has been put in assign of a under-23 side.
Thani had taken over as manager of a inhabitant group on an “interim basis” after Brazilian Paulo Autuori was sacked following Qatar’s lifeless uncover during a 2013 Gulf Cup.
“Fahad Thani took assign of a side when Qatar football was going by a vicious period, a group carrying depressed brief of expectations in a Gulf Cup underneath Autuori. He did a good pursuit and helped a group validate for a Asian Cup in 2015. But we unsuccessful to validate for a World Cup in Brazil and  we now need to demeanour ahead,” Qatar Football Association boss Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa bin Ahmad al-Thani told reporters during a press discussion yesterday.
During Thani’s reign conjecture was abundant that Qatar were looking for a “big name” coach, with even Pep Guardiola’s name being bandied about during one stage. However, Qatar eventually motionless on Belmadi given of his tighten organisation with Qatar football by trait of being a two-time league-winning manager and his bargain of internal enlightenment and traditions.
“It’s not a doubt of large names. Big name coaches mostly don’t attain in a segment given players find it formidable to adjust to their methods. We need to know a genius of a players. Also, culturally, large name coaches find it formidable to adjust to a new sourroundings that creates Belmadi a excellent claimant for a job,” pronounced Sheikh Hamad.
Belmadi was given proxy assign of a Qatar group during final December’s West Asian Championship in Doha, and a Algerian came by a hearing by glow by running a group to a title. The reign of his agreement was not revealed, however, though his evident charge will be to put in place a devise for a group forward of this September’s Asian Games in South Korea and a Gulf Cup in Saudi Arabia in November. After those tournaments comes a prestigious Asian Cup in Jan subsequent year.
“I am unapproachable to be named a new manager of a Qatar team,” Belmadi said. “I appreciate Sheikh Hamad and a Qatar Football Association for carrying certainty in me and we will try my best to grasp a targets set out for me,” he added.
The former Algeria general pronounced he will shortly announce his skeleton for a group in credentials for a Asian Games and a Gulf Cup.
“We devise a summer stay and some accessible games for a team. Obviously it’s going to be a bustling year and we need to be during a best to do good in a Asian Games and a Gulf Cup.”
Belmadi pronounced he concluded to take adult a pursuit after meditative prolonged and hard. “I was not looking for a job. we gave it a prolonged suspicion before determining to accept a offer. we know a shortcoming we have. we will not try to change things too fast.”
Sheikh Hamad also stressed on a significance of building a under-23 group with an eye on gift for a 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janerio, Brazil.
“When it comes to a under-23 team, a aim is to validate for a Olympics in Brazil in 2016 and Fahad has been tasked with that job,” pronounced Sheikh Hamad.
Thani voiced his beating that he couldn’t beam a inhabitant group to a World Cup in Brazil. “I bewail a fact we didn’t validate for Brazil, though we did make a Asian Cup and we honour a group for that. we appreciate everybody for all a support we perceived when we was a halt manager of a team.”

Qatar’s coaches given 2004

June 2003 – Jul 2004: Philippe Troussier
July 2004 – Aug 2004: Saeed al-Misnad
Aug 2004 – Jul 2007: Džemaludin Mušovic
Aug 2007 – Sept 2008: Jorge Fossati
Sept 2008 – Feb 2011: Bruno Metsu
Feb 2011 – Aug 2011: Milovan Rajevac
Aug 2011 – Dec 2011: Sebastião Lazaroni
Feb 2012 – Jan 2013: Paulo Autuori
Jan 2013 – Mar 2014: Fahad Thani
Mar 16, 2014 onwards: Djamel Belmadi

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