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Aredc upbeat on mall investments in Qatar

By Santhosh V Perumal/Business Reporter

Yield on investments in mall could be “impacted” in a short-to-medium term, though altogether confidence exists in a prolonged tenure in Qatar’s sell market, that is now on a bottom of a liberation cycle, according to Al Asmakh Real Estate Development Company (Aredc).

“Owing to new supply, produce on a mall investments could be impacted,” a news from Aredc gratefulness and investigate dialect said.

However, augmenting population, desire towards shopping, responsibility appetite, and aloft per capita income would be approaching to teach confidence in destiny for a Qatar sell segment, it said.

Observing that a centre of sell activities sojourn within Doha, it pronounced around 60% retailers have their offices within Doha, since 28% have within a Al Rayyan municipality.

About 85% of oppulance retails within Qatar work out of selling malls, since about 80% of non-luxury retails are in souqs and normal sell shops, it said, adding such un-organised sell shops and souqs secure roughly 77% of sum sell spaces within Qatar.

Malls are mostly located in and around Doha. Out of finished and arriving malls, scarcely 85% are located within Doha and Al Rayyan municipalities.

The news pronounced dual operational and 4 under-construction malls are on Al Shamal Road, that offer around 650,000sqm of sell space and 3 malls in West Bay minister scarcely 200,000sqm of sell space.

At present, organized sell space within Qatar provides scarcely 285sqm for each 1,000 people, that on execution of all under-construction malls would strech to 900sqm opposite 1,380sqm in Dubai and 1,030 in a US.

As per Aredc survey, malls with multiplex attract aloft footfalls and sales than other malls but cinema halls. As per a 2011 statistics report, cinemas captivated around 1.6mn audiences.

“Hence, notwithstanding aloft let rates, occupancies are equally aloft in malls with film theaters,” it said, adding that malls became one of a elite family fun destinations, generally during summer when outward heat goes over 45 degrees Celsius.

The normal monthly lease in City Center Mall is QR300 per sqm, whereas, Landmark and Villaggio malls mount scarcely during QR290 per sqm per month. Against 2006 levels, stream rents are “more or reduction double”, nonetheless a occupancies probably sojourn “stable” in all malls, according to a report.

Finding that restaurants are a partial of sell activities as it secures around 20-25% of altogether segment, it pronounced during present, scarcely 2,000 restaurants and cafes are located within Doha.


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