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Ccm Released The “2009 Global Construction Machinery 50 List”

The latest issue of 2009 “2009 Global Construction Machinery 50 rating “was released in China selected eight companies ranked as follows: XCMG No. 15, 31 Group of 18, Zoomlion No. 20, LIUGONG Group No. 25, No. 35 Long Engineering, Xiamen Engineering Machinery No. 36, Shantui Stock No. 37, the National Machine Group of 46 patients.

Worldwide sales of construction machinery 50 162.059 billion U.S. dollars, up only 2.84% over the previous, an increase of 20.15 percentage points down. So far, 50 companies for three consecutive years of record growth ceased suddenly. Historical Dimensions of the whole industry, all kinds of twists and turns, have all contributed to the modification and upgrading of enterprises, promote the industry into a new round of rise.

50 strong shift into the following, a walking speed of industry evolution path of the switch, the world should the situation change in the economic sky.

This is a difficult times. After years of sustained growth, the global growth rate of the construction machinery industry, opened the backup. In North America, Europe, Japan and other developed countries and regions represented, the original fairly stable demand, in the turmoil in the hard hit Royal. Although there are in China, India, Russia, Brazil and other developing countries represented, or the use of rigid infrastructure projects, or by virtue of the government’s economic stimulus “heavy fist,” with the world’s transportation needs; but more and more The more extensive and deeper penetration compared to the crisis, emerging engine power output is still declining.

This situation the direct consequence of the new global top 50 list of construction machinery, the original proud of scale, profit targets, into a trough. Affected by this infection, can anticipate in the future, companies in general into a conservative, even pessimism.

In any case, already gone through several upheavals for the enterprise, the significance of the crisis and suffering not so simple. Dimensions from the entire industry look at the history, all kinds of twists and turns, and both contributed to the modification and upgrading of enterprises, promote the industry into a new round of rise.

This round of turmoil in 2008, the 50-strong marching perfect Track Trace or record as:

? To force adjustment Global financial crisis, brought to the construction machinery industry most directly affected, that is, depressed demand and business size shrink. In order to alleviate the pressure from the sales side hit, in 2008, the global engineering machinery 50 companies collectively to pull a wide-ranging and far-reaching internal restructuring actions. From the lower costs, expenses, to optimize overall operational processes, to integrate enterprise system resources, to enlarge resources, effectiveness, ranging initiatives.

This began in the adjustment of the enterprise, may not contain the reality of slowing growth in the industry, but low enough to allow enterprises in the present situation, the harvest good quality operation.

Most convincing is the fact that, with the start of 2006, the 2008 line of highest point of the “agency operative”, the world’s number two Komatsu, the absolute value of its operating profit, the first time beyond the historic ranks First of Caterpillar.

Similar examples also appear in China’s largest construction machinery company? XCMG body. After many years of adjustment, Xuzhou Construction Machinery Group in the organizational structure, corporate governance, business segments and so undergone a heavy to light, from the complicated into the simple process. In 2008, Xuzhou Construction Machinery Group product management and long-brewing perfect finally broke out in the form of soaring profits: Although the calculation of net sales for the top 50 list, the Xuzhou Construction Machinery Group of precedence does not change, but in business profit growth? the best indicator reflects the quality of business operations, the Xuzhou Construction Machinery Group surprised the first ranked 50.

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