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eFoods Global Product Overview

eFoods Global (formerly Sundance Global) is a new network marketing company that is launching in the fall of 2010.  Although the company is just now entering the world of network marketing, they are no stranger to the marketplace.   The company is the corporate offspring of eFoods Direct, a company that specializes in storable food solutions for those concerned about surviving storms, economic downturns, political unrest and other circumstances that could create wide spread food shortages in the years to come.  

eFoods Global believes that food will become one of the most valuable commodities that a person can have in their possession in the years to come.  With that thought in mind, the company has developed a complete line of food staples that can be stored for up to 15 years.   The focus of the company’s food development has been on creating high nutritional value with exceptional taste.

The product lineup includes 3 breakfast selections, 3 bread selections, 9 varieties of soup and 7 entrees.   Each product comes in a sealed mylar packet with preparation instructions on the back.  These products can easily be stacked for extended storage periods with a recommended storage temperature of 70 degrees or below.

The primary offering of the company is called the Essentials Food Pack.  This pack comes filled with 388 servings of the basic essentials needed to start a food reserves program started.  The pack includes 33 soups, 31 entrees, 3 breakfasts and 4 baked goods.  This breaks down $ .91 per serving of food.

Although the primary marketing focus of the company is food reserves for times of scarce food supply, their products also have some other great potential applications.  These products could be ideal for families who are seeking nutritious meals that are quickly and easily prepared.  They are also well suited for those who are involved in extended outdoor activities.  Additionally groups that provide food assistance for families may find this a viable alternative to having a traditional food pantry.

Whether you are looking for looking for convenient or long term storable food solutions, eFoods Global may be the answer you are looking for.

eFoods Global offers a great long term solution for your family’s peace of mind. Learn more about the eFoods Global business opportunity that can protect your family’s financial future as well.

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