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Ooredoo launches information confidence complement for companies – Peninsula On

DOHA: Ooredoo yesterday announced a launch of a new Smart Solution –Out of Country Disaster Recovery (DR) — for enterprises and other vital companies as partial of a ongoing skeleton to raise information confidence for all businesses opposite Qatar, pronounced a press statement. 

The DR use provides businesses with sum assent of mind, joining their information centres with managed hosting and co-location support to 3 tellurian sites in East Asia (Singapore), Europe (London), and America (Santa Clara). By providing companies with an present couple to tip tier information centres around a world, a use means that companies can be certain they will always have entrance to their systems and a ability to redeem all information – even if their possess information centre is shop-worn by fire, inundate or healthy disaster. 

Nasser bin Hamad bin Nasser Al Thani, Chief Business Officer, Ooredoo, said: “Today, we launch a honestly world-class resolution that enables companies to couple with 3 information centres around a universe and entirely secure their companies.”

He said: “We during Ooredoo are dynamic to secure a customers’ resources and yield them with entrance to a latest and many innovative services – and today’s launch is a certain pointer for a business that we are truly essay to offer a latest and a best.” 

A extensive DR resolution is apropos imperative for companies as partial of correspondence and information insurance regulations in Qatar and around a world, as companies pledge to strengthen and redeem any mislaid data, either fire, flooding or synthetic predicament to their customers. 

The new intelligent solution, that is bolstered by tellurian connectivity options including MPLS, Global Dedicated Ethernet and Internet VPN services, means that businesses can strengthen their primary information in a eventuality of an emergency, including healthy disasters, cyber-attacks and sum complement failures.

This new resolution will also yield well-developed support for fixed, mobile and Internet users, and enables present information riposte opposite general borders.

Through this service, Ooredoo is delivering a many present cyber confidence solutions to Qatar. The resolution offers extensive insurance for customers’ information during globally recognized and Tier-III+ Data Centres, that all have a full ISO, SAS70 and ITIL certifications. 

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