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Out of Home Advertising Opportunity – Sports Bar TV Network

Sports bars are immensely popular in the United States, as fans of all teams flock to these locations to cheer on their favorite teams to victory. Glued to TV screens while eating bar food and the beer flowing continuously, sports fans are a major market for advertisers. After all, why else would advertisers pay millions of dollars for a spot on the Super Bowl?

But most advertisers are not looking to spend that kind of money, which forces them to look for other advertising opportunities. It is difficult to target sports fans in general but OOH advertising strategies help alleviate that concern. Sports bar media is one of those alternative advertising opportunities, and it is a perfect way to reach this particular audience.

The Benefits of Sports Bar Advertising

If you are trying to reach the world of sports fans, then you know that it is one of the most notoriously hard-to-reach segments of society. These young adults are consistently on the move, spending plenty of time in sports bars socializing and watching the game. With this form of out of home advertising, you take your company’s message straight to the sports fan, and you will be assured of their attention because your advertising will be sharing screen time with the game itself.

It is also important to note that sports fans in bars are often emotionally connected to the teams they are cheering for, spending hours at a time fixated on a screen that will prominently feature your OOH advertisements. To be a product associated with a fan’s favorite team is important, as the loyalty to a team can translate into loyalty for a product.

Where to Find Sports Bar Advertising Opportunities

A company that specializes in sports advertising – particularly in alternative sports advertising – can help your brand be accessed by millions of sports fans all over the country. Your message will be implemented in the best local bars and restaurants in many U.S. cities, providing a widespread influence among dedicated viewers.

Sports bar media is a great way to reach a fast-paced society during one of its few moments at a standstill. Young and old professionals – even families – spend hours at sports bars and restaurants cheering on their favorite team with many other like-minded fans, and your company can be a part of that. With state-of-the-art technology and a built-in, loyal audience, sports bar media is a surefire way to successfully delve into an alternative advertising strategy for your company.

Jeff R. Lamb is the president of DOmedia: an alternative media company. DOmedia specializes in connecting asset owners with buyers for all forms of alternative and out of home (OOH) advertising strategies. Learn more at www.domedia.com

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