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Qatar Continues To Expand Naval Capabilities

DOHA — Qatar is 3 years divided from completing a new high-tech naval bottom as a Arabian Gulf state continues a fast enlargement of a naval capabilities.

The partner executive of a Qatari National Security Shield project, Naval Staff Brig. Tariq Al Obaidli, pronounced that mandate embody building a brazen naval bottom with comforts to support special ops army and atmosphere force operations.

Qatar’s outrageous oil and gas pot and a faith on sea trade creates nautical invulnerability of peerless significance to a country, he said.

“Our resources are formed on oil and gas production, mostly on a sea, and they are being exported all over a universe by a sea,” Al Obaidli pronounced Wednesday during a Middle East Naval Commanders Conference here.

“The destiny capabilities we need to acquire embody incomparable ships that can transport adult to 30 knots, and can transport adult to 5,000 nautical miles and can reason on house helicopters and aircraft,” he said. “Therefore we need a series of ships with varying sizes.”

Requirements also embody minesweepers; growth of a naval helicopter fleet; intelligence, notice and reconnoitering aircraft; and unmanned aircraft and aspect vessels.

The instability in a Arab universe and Qatar’s hosting of tellurian events yield hurdles to a state’s nautical security.

“The hurdles are sundry and embody militant acts in a sea, drop of pipelines, drug trafficking, piracy, bootleg fishing and oil and gas leakage, among others,” Al Obaidli said..

During a Doha International Maritime Defence Exhibition (DIMDEX), a Qatari army concluded to acquire 17 high-speed seashore ensure boats from Turkey´s Ares Shipyard.

According to a deal, Qatar will buy dual 46-meter vessels, 10 33-meter ones and 5 23-meter versions done from modernized combination materials. The agreement is “the biggest one for a troops ships difficulty in a region,” pronounced Kerim Kalafatoglu, Ares Shipyard handling director.

The Qatari swift enlargement is partial of a larger National Security Shield project, Al Obaidli said.

The sum area of Qatar’s sea waters is about 35,000 block kilometers, 3 times a land area. “We count some-more on a sea than on land,” he said.

A new naval bottom will be operational in 2017, Al Obaidli said.

The new Qatar Emiri Naval Forces Base will be a core for Qatar’s nautical confidence and will be built 14 kilometers from Doha, pronounced Lt. Col. Saleh Al Saey, a member of a technical cabinet of a naval bottom devise during a Emiri Naval Force.

The devise “has been complicated and researched for a series of years and a devise is to rise a many technologically modernized naval trickery in a universe by 2017,” Al Saey said. “Currently a naval capabilities are 10 years behind a many modernized ones in a region, therefore we wish to acquire a latest capabilities in 2017. Furthermore, we are building an infrastructure during a bottom to assistance support a Emiri naval growth and expansion.”

Companies called on to contention tenders — including Cassidian, Honeywell, Cegelec, Page Europa, Johnson Controls and Thales International — have been asked to introduce usually a newest technologies.

The range of work for a naval bottom infrastructure covers a 4.5 block kilometer area of a manmade island and on-shore area of 1.1 block kilometer, including 53 kilometers of paved roads and a 78-kilometer fiber-optic telecommunications network and 14 buildings.

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