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Qatar says no differences with Saudi Arabia over Syria

DOHA: Qatar discharged reports of adversary with beside Saudi Arabia over efforts to finish Syria’s war, observant a dual countries – a categorical Arab backers of insurgent army – had “the top turn of coordination”.

Diplomats and antithesis sources have reported strains between Qatari- and Saudi-backed groups within Syria’s antithesis National Coalition and have pronounced a dual countries have upheld opposite armed groups on a ground.

The central Qatar News Agency pronounced Foreign Minister Khaled al-Attiyah, vocalization during a open forum in Brussels on Saturday, “denied a rumours” about a brawl between Riyadh and Doha over Syria.

“We have a top turn of coordination with a Friends of Syria and in sold with Saudi Arabia,” QNA cited Attiyah as saying.

Diplomats and antithesis sources contend that while Qatar supports a assuage armed groups also corroborated by Saudi Arabia and a West, it also has corroborated some-more hardline groups that find to set adult a despotic Islamic state.

The reported differences have undermined insurgent efforts to conflict a army of President Bashar al-Assad, antithesis sources say.

Admirers of Qatari process in Syria contend Saudi Arabia tends to support a same armed groups as Qatar does.

The little though rich gas exporting nation is underneath extreme vigour from Saudi Arabia, a widespread Gulf Arab power, to quell a support for Islamists of all stripes.

In an rare pierce within a Gulf Cooperation Council of associated patrimonial monarchies, Saudi Arabia, a United Arab Emirates and Bahrain removed their ambassadors from Qatar on Mar 5, accusing Doha of unwell to reside by an settle not to meddle in any others’ inner affairs.

Qatar strongly denies interfering in Gulf Arab affairs and says a differences with a neighbours are instead to do with developments in a wider segment – a anxiety to Egypt, where Saudi Arabia is assisting a military-backed supervision and Qatar has uttered support for Islamist antithesis forces.

Attiyah had discharged final by a 3 associate Gulf states for changes to a unfamiliar policy, job a autonomy “non-negotiable”.

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