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Qatar seeks to set a indication for reliable diagnosis of workers

Human Development is one of a 5 pillars of Qatar’s National Vision 2030 and a targeted appearance of Qatar’s ostracise workforce together with a recruitment of a right brew of that workforce, a word of a rights, securing a reserve and maintaining those people who are superb is an constituent partial of a vision.

In sequence to yield a horizon within that this workforce structure can be developed, a flourishing series of Qatari supervision and quasi-government entities have put, and are putting, in place ostracise workman use charters with that all stakeholders and meddlesome parties are thankful to comply.

In 2012 a Qatar Foundation (QF) adopted a extensive Migrant Workers’ Charter (MWC) and some-more recently a Qatari 2022 Supreme Committee, now renamed a Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy, released a workers’ licence directed during formulating a protected operative sourroundings for a thousands of ostracise workers who are and will be employed on several World Cup projects.

The element design of a MWC is a effective execution of a extensive set of standards that seeks to pledge a rights of workers during all stages of a emigration cycle, from a impulse they are recruited until they are repatriated to their home countries or to any other nation as might be concluded between a workman and his or her employer.

In serve and to enlarge a MWC, QF has released Mandatory Welfare Standards (MWS) that set out a smallest imperative mandate with honour to recruitment, vital and operative conditions and ubiquitous diagnosis of workers.

Pursuant to a MWS, all construction and other activities underneath QF projects are to be carried out in line with a mandate set out in a Qatari laws and a MWS. The element Qatari laws embody a Immigration Law and a Labour Law and their executive regulations that are listed and form an apparatus to a MWS.

The MWS is germane to all workers of QF contractors and sub-contractors regardless of either they were recruited for QF projects or not.

Further, a MWS constitutes an constituent partial of a categorical agreement entered into with a executive with outcome from a date of a endowment and requires that all contractors subsequently safeguard confluence to Qatari laws and a MWS by all their sub-contractors.

The MWS provides that QF contractors and a sub-contractors contingency belong to reliable standards in a routine of a recruitment and deployment of a workers in Qatar.

For example, workers shall not be charged with any recruitment or chain fees and shall be sensitive with a terms and conditions of their employment, reserve and health risks of their work before to their deployment to Qatar in a denunciation they understand.

Further, a terms of a use contracts workers pointer on their attainment in Qatar shall be matching to a terms of a strange offer of use that they perceived and shall clearly mention a rights and responsibilities of workers and employers, respectively, with courtesy to wages, hours of work, including unchanging hours and overtime requirements, days off and annual leave, rights and responsibilities, notice duration and conditions for stop by any party, disciplinary procedures as good as brawl allotment procedures; all of that shall accommodate a smallest mandate set out in Qatari laws and a MWS.

The MWS also provides that a workers shall possess stream work and chateau permits in suitability with Qatari law and shall keep possession of their passports and other personal papers via their employment.

In addition, an employer shall yield extensive medical word to a workers, suitable accommodation and training on a compulsory skills compulsory to lift out their tasks.

Notably, a distribution of a MWC enclosed a investiture of a entirely organic Workers’ Welfare Department, that falls underneath a range of QF Health, Safety, Security and Environment (HSSE) Directorate. The dialect is mandated, on interest of QF, to act as a regulatory physique within QF instituting satisfactory use standards and ensuring that all manners and protocols are being followed by particular parties, while pulling for continual alleviation and development.

The MWC is formed on a holistic and scrupulous proceed that combines Qatari Labour Law and general best use in sequence to set an indication model for a reliable diagnosis of workers by guaranteeing that all contractors and sub-contractors, such as work suppliers, work agencies and other use providers, belong to despotic regulations and approve with discipline as partial of their contracts with QF.

By substantiating a designated department, QF seeks to safeguard that a manners and protocols are being followed by stakeholders and meddlesome parties and that MWS is enforced from a unsentimental standpoint.


Qatari Laws (save for those released by a QFC to umpire inner business) are released in Arabic and there are no central translations for a purpose of drafting this article, we have used a possess translations and interpreted in a context of Qatari law and stream marketplace practice.


If we would like serve information greatfully hit David Salt (david.salt@clydeCocom.qa) and/or Yousef Fakhoury  (Yousef.fakhoury@clydeCocom.qa).




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