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Qatar tops per capita investment in Dubai realty (Dhs6.71 million), followed …

Sultan Butti Bin Mejren Director General of DLD

Qatar tops per capita investment in Dubai realty (Dhs6.71 million), followed by Oman, UAE, KSA, Germany, India and Britain

: Wednesday, Feb 26 – 2014 @ 09:03

Qatar has a top per capita investment in Dubai realty in 2013 (Dhs6.71 million), followed by Oman (Dhs5.77 million), a UAE (Dhs4.56 million), KSA (Dhs3.71 million), Germany (Dhs2.37 million), India (Dhs2.22 million) and Britain (Dhs2.11 million).

These total were expelled in tie with a International Property Show (IPS), that will be hold from 8 – 10 Apr 2014, upheld by a Dubai Land Department (DLD). According to a same DLD report, general genuine estate exchange during 2013 exceeded Dhs114 billion.

The organizers of a 10th IPS, that will coincide with a 4th Annual Investment Meeting (AIM) during a Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre, pronounced that a fact that a top 4 per capita investment in Dubai’s realty come from GCC countries shows that a Gulf investors sojourn a pivotal motorist in a Emirate’s skill sector, speedy by new investor-friendly legislations, vicinity and a rising certainty in a remunerative lapse on their investments.

HE Sultan Butti Bin Mejren, Director General of a Dubai Land Department said: “The total once again strengthen Dubai’s standing as a top-notch genuine estate investment heart in a Gulf and beyond. we predict even stronger informal direct in 2014 and this is where specialized events like IPS will assistance in maximizing per capita investment from adjacent regions and a world.”

Other unfamiliar countries that figured in high per capita real-estate exchange embody France (Dhs2.054 million), Russia (Dhs2.051 million), Canada (Dhs1.98 million) and USA (Dhs1.83 million).

Dawood Al Shezawi, CEO, Strategic Marketing Exhibitions, organizers of IPS, said: “Overseas investments were pivotal contributors to a turnaround of a UAE economy, driven by a sappy market, pure legislations and regulations and a flourishing ardour for skill investment. Our vital concentration in this year’s uncover is to enhance a series of exhibitors and investors.”

“We will also be highlighting a purpose of law in pushing transparency, marketplace certainty and facilitating tolerable investment in rising markets in and with a IPS’ Official Knowledge Partner; RICS International,” combined Al Shezawi.

“We entice investors, developers, financiers, architects and consultants in skill investment, growth and construction to revisit IPS and keep sideways of a latest marketplace trends as good as accommodate with preference makers from a real-estate industry,” resolved Al Shezawi.

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