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Qatar Toughens Penalties For Hiring Runaway Workers

Companies contracting bootleg workers will be theme to a recruitment anathema durability dual years and will be blacklisted as per new rules.

Qatar has introduced new work rules, that hands out worse penalties for firms and people contracting absconding or bootleg workers.

According to a Ministry of Interior, companies contracting exile workers will be theme to a recruitment anathema durability dual years and be blacklisted, a matter said.

In further to a recruitment ban, violators could also face seizure for adult to 3 years or a excellent of not some-more than QAR50,000.

Violators will also face a imperative jail tenure of during slightest 15 days and a excellent trimming between QAR20,000 and QAR100,000 if a corruption is repeated, a matter said.

The new manners will be effective from May 1, 2014, according to officials.

The method has also stepped adult a hunt for those sheltering and absconding bootleg workers.

“The Search and Follow adult dialect (SFD) is carrying out drives via a year to reason violators and those who occupy them illegally,” Brigadier Nasser Mohammed Eissa Al Sayyed, executive of SFD, was quoted as observant in a internal media.

Despite existent penalties, many firms continue to gibe a law, he said.

Al Sayyed combined that many firms occupy bootleg workers to equivocate recruitment and training losses by luring them with improved benefits. This in spin affects other employers who spent on recruitment and training of such employees.

He pronounced that companies are authorised to lend or sinecure employees if they are finished on a authorised basis. Failure to approve with a regulations would outcome in firms being criminialized from contracting employees for a year.

Al Sayyed also remarkable that a complaints of absconding workers have been disappearing as a outcome of complete inspections by a SFD.

Qatar’s sum ostracise workforce stood during 1.3 million by a finish of 2012, according to a QNB report. The construction zone was a largest employer of unfamiliar workers in a Gulf state.

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