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Qatar World Cup investigation: Imagine if Australia won 2022 bid, a sports-mad …

It’s a pipe-dream of march since a siren is full of gas and oil. Qatar
2022 will make Fifa fortunes. What Fifa has to fight is a notice that
Qatar 2022 has already done people fortunes. Zurich contingency also residence the
indictment that Qatar and Fifa are ideal partners: strict and

Fifa’s Teflon man, Sepp Blatter, will again emerge protection as he voted for
a United States. Fifa needs to act though won’t. It is committed to Qatar.
Fifa is already holding on European leagues by proposing a dried event
takes place in winter, so that players will not keel over in a feverishness or
fans warp on a approach to a stadia (and globally-warmed sky knows what
all that track air-conditioning does to a environment).

Imagine if 2022 were in Australia. There would be broadcasting issues,
frustrations in Europe over kick-off times, though that does not relieve the
fad English cricket fans feel for a Ashes when staged during a MCG
etc. Anyway, sporting competitions should not be formed only on a viewing
habits of Euro-man. Inevitable changes to operative patterns over a next
decade, blurring night and day shifts, make time-zones even reduction of an

Imagine a continue in Australia in Jun and July, their winter, ideal for a
football competition. Imagine a nightlife for fans, a days out on
beaches, a trips to implausible places like a Great Barrier Reef or
marvelling during a perspective from a tip of a Sydney Harbour Bridge. Some of
a many iconic stadia names would be used: MCG, Stadium Australia of
Olympics celebrity and a Adelaide Oval. Imagine Australia 2022.

Sadly it won’t happen. Qatar will horde a World Cup and visiting fans will
only have to splash their noses during a stench.

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