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QITCOM 2014 Conference to showcase Qatar’s growth as informal ICT …

Mar 12 2014

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Doha, Qatar, 12th Mar 2014: Qatar’s largest ICT eventuality QITCOM will underline a three-day contention with universe experts, focusing on a hurdles and opportunities of ICT in Qatar, a purpose ICT plays in Qatar’s poignant mercantile and amicable expansion and how ICT gives Qatar a rival advantage by fuelling entrepreneurship and innovation.

QITCOM 2014, that is orderly by fischerAppelt, qatar in partnership with a Ministry of Information and Communications Technology (ictQATAR), will be hold on 26-28 May 2014 during Qatar National Convention Center. Now in a third edition, it is set to turn one of a region’s earlier ICT events and also includes an muster and informal awards programme.

The contention is during a heart of a QITCOM, and it showcase’s Qatar’s expansion to apropos a informal personality in ICT. The contention provides a height for contention of destiny expansion initiatives and highlights and celebrates open and private ICT success stories. It will attract not usually tellurian attention experts though is designed to interest to a whole ICT village – from executives to innovators and entrepreneurs as good as ICT enthusiasts, from a private and open zone alike.

The Minister of Information and Communications Technology, HE Dr. Hessa Al Jaber, will open a conference, and she will be followed by ICT experts in Qatar and internationally who will give keynote addresses, speak in row discussions and broach box studies on a stream horizon of a industry, a projected expansion and expansion and ICT opportunities from a marketplace in Qatar and a vital construction and infrastructure projects now underway. This is all within a context of Qatar’s National Vision 2030 and a National ICT Plan 2015.

The initial day of a contention will be dedicated to an investigate of a ICT attention in Qatar, a hurdles and opportunities. It will inspect how ICT can raise Qatar’s ability to broach on a promises enshrined in a National Vision and what can be approaching from destiny initiatives, covering topics such as broadband; cyber security; satellite; telecoms and policy, authorised and regulatory frameworks. Qatar’s stream and projected ICT horizon will also be discussed, including intelligent cities, ICT in county amenities such as trade and sanitation, e-commerce and electronic finance, e-government services and how to raise a interest of ICT as a fascinating goal in Qatar.

The second day of a contention will demeanour during ICT in business, and a purpose it plays in Qatar’s amicable and mercantile expansion in line with a National Vision. As a largest consumer of ICT in Qatar, Government is a pivotal stakeholder. Experts will plead past supervision ICT projects and a lessons learned, a stream needs of supervision and a purpose businesses can play in a substantial destiny expansion of ICT in supervision in Qatar and a wider region.

The ICT final of Qatar’s vital projects and initiatives, such as hosting FIFA World Cup in 2022, Qatar Railways, a expansion of Lusail and other intelligent city projects, large infrastructure projects like a new pier during Mesaeed and a poignant expansion of a medical and medical investigate zone in Qatar with a opening of Sidra, will also be discussed.

Day 3 will demeanour during a destiny of ICT and Qatar’s rival advantage as an rising informal personality in ICT suspicion leadership. Focusing on Digital Arabic Content, experts will plead how businesses, supervision and people can make Arabic Digital Content some-more pervasive. They will also inspect how ICT can be an ideal entrance for creation and entrepreneurship, and how new ideas and technologies can be fostered in Qatar. Finally, a destiny of ICT in Qatar will be discussed – how Qatar will be reshaped by ICT opposite a open and private sector, in business, supervision and academia.

David Schopper, General Manager of fischerAppelt, qatar, said: “As a matter for ICT attention development, and as a height for ICT businesses, providers, investors and ICT adopters alike, a QITCOM contention is a heart of a goal and prophesy that we have for a eventuality as a forum to showcase Qatar’s moves towards ICT suspicion leadership.

“The 2014 QITCOM contention will rivet a attention in a contention about a stream horizon of a industry, expansion perspectives and destiny outlook, as good as discernible ICT business opportunities from Qatar’s marketplace and large-scale initiatives as partial of a Qatar National Vision 2030.

“Our due contention programme, that is clearly aligned with a Qatar National Vision – in sold a National ICT Plan 2015 as a ICT grant – will underline box studies and topics delivered by heading experts from Qatar as good as high-profile general speakers. The aim of a contention is to rivet a whole ICT community, from a open and private sectors, and we demeanour brazen to welcoming everybody to what will be an enchanting and agenda-setting eventuality for a ICT attention in Qatar and a region.”

Media enquiries to Lesley.walker@aspect.qa; M: +974 7779 3546; Bashar.abulail@aspect.qa; M: +974 5598 9795

QITCOM 2014 – a third book of Qatar’s largest ICT eventuality – will underline a conference, exhibition, awards, and signature offerings directed during mirroring a aspirations and expansion intensity of Qatar’s ICT sector. It is directed during aiding not only an industry, though also a republic fervent to adopt technologies and solutions that will mortar it towards larger heights.

In 2014, QITCOM will once again bond forward-thinking businesses, innovators and attention leaders to consumers, entrepreneurs, students, and enthusiasts by information and communications technology.

About fischerAppelt, qatar:
Founded as a PR group in 1986, fischerAppelt became one of Germany’s heading communication groups with agencies in a fields of PR, advertising, design, digital, relocating images, live selling and vital communications. fischerAppelt, qatar is a agency’s dedicated Middle East branch. Having worked on countless high-profile projects in both supervision and private zone in Qatar and a region, fischerAppelt, qatar combines general imagination with endless internal and informal experience.

Credentials embody (among others) Qatar National Day, Asian Football Cup, Vodafone Qatar and Volkswagen Middle East.

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