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The migrant workers in Qatar

It was in 2013 when Qatar came underneath glow from unfamiliar media since of supposed forced labor, complicated day labour and other accusations regarding to a diagnosis of migrant workers generally in a construction zone where many of a workers were recruited from Nepal, India, and a Philippines and from other Asian nations. The remarkable outburst of critique entrance from a western media and from several tellurian rights advocates put Qatar in a spotlight.

It was during this indicate that Qatar denied all a accusations hurled towards them, though in a finish a government, as reported, immediately conducted a consummate review and put in place recommendations to serve raise a resource in impediment a vulgar labor violations being committed opposite a migrant workers toiling tough in a opposite locations in Qatar.

But In annoy of a supposed movement taken or enforced by Qatar, a multinational contractors that employs hundreds of thousands of migrant workers were usually vicious and totally daring in their actions and exchange with a migrant workers. Most of a employers are large time unfamiliar multinational contractors from a adjacent Arab countries, India, Sri Lanka, South Korea, Spain, France and Britain.

There are many stories of labor violations committed by some of a multinational contractors generally Arab and British employers-yes, British employers. In one of a large construction projects in a heart of Doha, a collateral of Qatar, a large British construction association famous in a Middle East employs thousands of migrant workers mostly from Nepal and India. The pronounced nationalities perceived really low income of QR500/month for inexperienced laborers and QR750-850/month for assign hands. A immature Indian site operative associated to this author that a migrant workers were underpaid simply since they are illiterate.


The callousness of some of a multinational construction companies creation large time in Qatar is too tough to ignore. Labor violations continue to inflict chagrin and abuse on migrant workers. Beside a spiritless low salary, food and bad accommodation causes some-more deleterious outcome on a vital condition of migrant workers.  Food comes in drip like one square of boiled fish with rice for cooking or lunch, swapping with aged stocked duck and dual pieces of tiny uninspired hotdogs or sausages for breakfast and dual boiled eggs as alternate. The dishes mentioned usually served to Filipino migrant workers. Whereas, Nepalese and Indians always given opposite kinds of leguminous plants or beans baked with curry and eaten with rice or chapatti or kobos 3 dishes a day.



Poor accommodation is also a problem and it is mostly seen in a supply migrant workers’ labor camps. Here, violations are too common like no H2O supply, packed rooms, no movement and other vital problems like overtime and holiday pay. Most unfamiliar contractors do not follow a implementing manners and regulations of Qatar labor laws on holidays and OT. And worse, other employers intentionally check a income of their labor force for months.

Qatar is in a precipitate to transcribe or even transcend Dubai and that is because they set their steer to 2020 vision. Construction is in full blast and as such many migrant workers are indispensable to build mega and super structures. Unfortunately for Qatar they concede multinational construction companies to strive their possess vicious customary of anti-labor practices and degrading diagnosis of migrant workers.






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