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UAE coup trial made into documentary

The International Gulf Organisation (IGO) launched the film, titled ‘The Road to July 2nd – Revealing the Truth of the UAE Secret Organization Trial’ at a press conference in Dubai held by Mansoor Essa Lootah, the President of IGO, and Dr Ali Al Jabiri, the screenwriter and director of the documentary, along with leading members of social, media and art.

The makers say the film, which will be broadcast on TV by Al Arabiya, reveal numerous documents and facts related to the trial.

  1. arrests

    The film looks at the case from the arrests

According to a report by UAE national news agency WAM, the film comprises two parts. The first is an introduction of how the defendants’ organisation was founded. It highlights how it emerged in the UAE and its activities over past years up until the members were arrested and put on trial.

WAM said the second part looks at what happened at the trial at the Federal Supreme Court by using statements, evidence, documents and confessions made by the suspects and witnesses.

“IGO was established in Geneva in 2012. Our organisation carries out wide activities and has several activists throughout the GCC,” said Lootah.

“Our main objective is to promote adherence to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) on both regional and international levels. We organise events and activities that support and raise awareness of individuals, educators and relevant organizations on promotion and adoption of UDHR.”

He said IGO aims to improve human rights conditions in the GCC countries by educating people and raising awareness about human rights in the region. IGO also reports human rights violations to the concerned authorities. It has handled several human rights cases since its creation.

Lootah said: “For the past few months, we were closely following the secret organisation trial. We are aware of the allegations that have arisen following the trial.

“It was the first time such trial was held in the UAE and it attracted wide attention of the local and international media and organizations.”

He added: “In ‘The Road to July 2nd’, we do not act as investigators, judges or lawyers. We have only revealed the truth because only the truth can refute all slander, allegations and falsehood.

“In the film, we highlight all aspects of the case which raised public concern in the UAE and abroad. The film does not portray IGO’s opinion; our sole aim was to show the views of all concerned parties in order to present the truth in a nonbiased manner.”

Director Al Jabiri added: “We tried to show the absolute truth of the secret organisation case from the day the accused were arrested to the first trial session up until the passing of the judgment on July 2nd.

“We used several conventional tools that are used in making a documentary film, including numerous documents of members who were part of the secret organisation, confessions duly signed by the accused themselves and video clips recorded by members of the secret organization.

“All of the records used in the film were part of the evidence included in the case files which we were able to obtain.

“The government’s perspective has not been shown in this movie; we have only used statements made by the witnesses regarding the secret organisation.

“We wanted to ensure that all the concerned parties had absolute freedom to make statements without any restrictions.

“We tried to get in touch with defendants who had fled the country and the families of other defendants, however, most of them refused to be a part of the film. Perhaps they were aware that the available evidence and proof go against the secret organisation, so they had nothing to say.”

Lootah said: “The brother of a prominent member of the secret organisation agreed to be part of the film. He extensively spoke about the trial and refuted all allegations made concerning violations of the rights of prisoners or unfair trial procedures.”

Al Jabiri a former member of the secret organisation testified in the film.

He explains he was part of the organization since his childhood and now he is a university student. He also disclosed secrets which may not have been covered in the case and it will be disclosed for the first time through this film.

Another person, a well-known religious man from Ras Al Khaimah, who was an active member of the secret organization, also revealed how the organisation recruits children and trains them in the desert on how to use weapons.

He explained how the members pledge allegiance to the General Guide in Egypt and spoke about the link between their secret organisation and the International Organisation of Muslim Brotherhood.

Al Jabiri said they experienced numerous difficulties and inconveniencies while they were making the film which caused a relative delay in completing the film.

The film was shot at different locations across the country.

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