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UAE reporters in Qatar pressured to quit

Two Emirati adults operative for beIN Sport, before Al Jazeera Sport, have quiescent from a channel underneath vigour from their government.

A source from beIN Sport reliable to Al Jazeera on Sunday that commentators Ali Saeed Al Kaabi and Fares Awad had quit.

Nasser Bin Hamad Al Khalifa, Qatar’s former envoy to a United Nations and a US, pronounced the move was sentimental and would usually impact a particular journalists.

“This will not impact Al Jazeera, Qatar or a newspapers. There are hundreds of people who wish to work here,” Al Khalifa said.

The news come as media reports pronounced that a United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia had called on their nationals operative for Qatari media outlets to resign.

The Saudi Ministry of Culture and Information reportedly asked Saudi columnists to stop essay for Qatari newspapers, though there were no serve reports of vigour for Saudi nationals who work in Qatar to quit.

At slightest 5 Saudi reporters are fortitude their work as common in beIN Sports, a source in a channel told Al Jazeera. 

The editor-in-chief of Doha-based daily al-Arab reliable that some of a Saudi columnists had resigned, while some others were still doing their jobs.

“Some of a Saudi columnists quit currently as a outcome of pressures from their government,” Ahmad al-Romaihi told Al Jazeera.

“They courteously gave me their resignations though there are also some who motionless to stay behind and continue operative for us,” he said. “No Emiratis from a staff quit today, though Emirati author Saeed Hareb did quit over a month ago due to pressures from his supervision to stop essay for a Qatari newspaper.”

The latest developments come days after the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain withdrew their envoys to Qatar, observant in a matter that Doha had unsuccessful to dedicate “to a principles” of a Gulf Cooperation Council, a explain denied by Qatar.

“The moves have zero to do with their inhabitant interests nor their confidence and stability, though there is a disproportion of opinion and position on a series of issues outward a Gulf Cooperation Council,” Qatar pronounced in a statement.

According to Al Khalifa, a tragedy between Qatar on one palm and Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and a UAE on a other, are all about their policies in courtesy to Egypt.


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