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UAE maestro commentators renounce from Qatar-based beIN Sports

ABU DHABI // Two of a UAE’s tip football commentators have left informal broadcaster beIN Sports.

Faris Awad and Ali Saeed Al Kaabi quiescent from a Qatar-based sports channels on Saturday.

Awad thanked supporters and staff on Twitter.

“Today, I’ve finished my team-work with beIN Sports channels,” he tweeted. “I would like to appreciate a administration and all my colleagues and all my brothers there who have shown support, warmth, love and appreciation.

“I would like to appreciate a channel’s executive Nasser Al Khalifi for everything, and we appreciate my hermit Abdel Aziz El Merri and Ibrahim and everybody for their cordiality and thousands of interjection to my dear hermit Mohammed Saadoon.”

He indicated that he would continue to work with Dubai Sports.

Al Kaabi tweeted: “Ten years of genuine veteran consultant work that shall sojourn in my heart forever. So prolonged to all my colleagues during beIN Sports and good interjection to my loyal crony Nasser Al Khalifi.”

Saudi columnist Samar al-Mogren, who writes for Al-Arab Qatari daily, tweeted on Sunday that a “Saudi method of enlightenment and information has motionless to finish a partnership of Saudi writers with Qatari newspapers”, Agence France-Presse reported.

She pronounced that dual other Saudi writers, Saleh al-Shehi and Ahmed bin Rashed al-Saeed, had also stopped essay for Qatari newspapers formed on a ministry’s orders.

Another writer, Muhanna al-Hubail, had perceived identical orders from a ministry, pronounced Mogren.

It is misleading if a resignations describe to current tactful tensions between a UAE and Qatar.

The UAE withdrew a ambassador to a nation final week.

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