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UCY acts as European overpass for informal educational institutions

The University of Cyprus (UCY) is means to offer imagination and know how to other informal universities in countries such as Qatar, Jordan and Egypt, according to a Director of FOSS Research Centre for Sustainable Energy of UCY George Georghiou.

Georghiou believes that a idea of joining investigate work with veteran use seems to have turn existence already as regards renewable appetite sources and intelligent appetite grids.

In statements to CAN, Georghiou said, inter alia, that a University has been operative on photovoltaic projects for a past 6 years, has managed to get sum appropriation of approximately 8 million euro from both EU supports and corporate funding, and it employs about 22 to 23 people.

Replying to a doubt about a horizon agreement sealed recently in Doha with a Texas AM University during Qatar on tolerable appetite partnerships, Georghiou pronounced that it was clear during talks that what his colleagues in Qatar are seeking is to settle a identical investigate section as a one UCY operates.

A new assembly is due to take place in Qatar and a group from a Texas AM University of Qatar will be visiting Cyprus in a entrance weeks to see how to ensue in a areas of photovoltaics and intelligent grids as good as to a obtuse border healthy gas.

Asked either a tie has been finished between investigate work and tangible veteran practice, he pronounced it has, observant that that a UCY investigate section deals with about 40 opposite photovoltaic technologies and has entered into investigate contracts with many companies in Cyprus and abroad.

Replying to a doubt as to how he sees prospects in a entrance years he pronounced that things are looking up, given appetite constitutes a priority both in Europe and Cyprus. This he combined means that there will be many supports for appetite associated investigate in a entrance years.

Georghiou explained that a work finished by his dialect has to do with renewable appetite sources, intelligent grids, diluted era and even intelligent buildings.

He serve remarkable that a fact that there are appropriation opportunities – that in itself offers practice opportunities for researchers – is important. At a same time he forked out that there is intensity for serve growth. He also spoke of a fact that renewable appetite sources such as a object can be cheaper than required appetite sources. The advantages will not usually be financial though can definitely impact peoples peculiarity of life, he said.

Replying to a doubt about other partnerships, Georghiou remarkable that right now there is an ongoing European programme with a perspective of exchanging believe from Europe to Jordan.

In a context of this programme, approximately 10 professors from 5 opposite Jordanian universities visited UCY dual months ago to be lerned in photovoltaic associated matters. A new revisit is approaching to take place in May.

He serve pronounced that another programme has been ongoing with Egypt that concerns especially a comparison of opposite photovoltaic technologies in Cyprus, Egypt and Germany.

It seems that Cyprus possesses an advantage in these issues, he noted, adding that it is partial of Europe and a geographic vicinity creates it an engaging choice for team-work in educational matters.

At a same time in statements to CNA UCY highbrow Christoforos Hadjicostis, who is directly in assign of a initial ongoing plan between UCY, a Texas A M University in Qatar and a Texas AM University in a US, pronounced that a initial step has been made, something that creates destiny prospects.

UCY is to accept about 76,000 US dollars per year for a plan that runs for a 3 year period. The sum plan is in a sequence of 1 million dollars. Right now there is one researcher employed with a probability of employing another one or two, he said.

Asked about a funding, he simplified it is a plan saved by a Qatar Foundation, a Foundation that promotes research.

As he explained a plan has to do especially with systems control by grids and by telecommunications systems, such as appetite ride systems and new intelligent systems on appetite placement and use.

He gave a instance of destiny intelligent appliances (such as soaking machines) that will be means to select when to work according to a appetite accessible in a grid.

This certain initial step means that a trail is open for some-more applications to be finished in destiny for projects saved by a Qatar Foundation, he said.

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