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US and Saudi Arabia plead troops ties and Qatar row

WASHINGTON // The counterclaim secretary Chuck Hagel hosted Saudi Arabia’s emissary counterclaim apportion for talks, reaffirming US troops ties to Riyadh notwithstanding dispute over Washington’s Iran and Syria policies.

While Mr Hagel done transparent to Prince Salman bin Sultan that a United States would continue a tact with Iran, he underscored a significance of US-Saudi troops cooperation.

Saudi Arabia harbours reservations about attempts by Washington and other vital powers to negotiate a understanding with Iran over a chief programme, though “Hagel stressed a position on Iran has not changed,” pronounced a US counterclaim central said.

The central pronounced a dual on Thursday discussed tensions among Gulf states, as Qatar has hurt Riyadh and other members of a Gulf Cooperation Council over a support for a Muslim Brotherhood in a segment and harder line extremists in Syria.

“The dual leaders validated a strength of a US-Saudi relationship, with secretary Hagel emphasising a joining of a United States to confidence in a region,” a Pentagon orator Rear Admiral John Kirby said.

“They also discussed informal hurdles and a significance of informal team-work in addressing common confidence issues.”

It was Prince Salman’s initial revisit to Washington given holding over as emissary counterclaim apportion in Aug and came before a US boss Barack Obama’s outing to Riyadh, that is approaching this month.

The son of late climax king and maestro invulnerability apportion Sultan bin Abdul Aziz who died in 2011, he formerly served in a Saudi embassy in a US capital.

The Obama administration’s tactful opening with Iran and a hostility to meddle in a Syrian dispute have undone a Saudi care and caused critical tensions in a decades-long vital alliance.

The Saudis are distrustful of a halt chief understanding with Iran negotiated by vital powers, observation it as a unsure try that could embolden their rivals in Tehran.

The Saudis were bitterly unhappy over Obama’s eleventh-hour preference final year to behind divided from troops movement opposite a Syrian regime.

Saudi Arabia spends billions of dollars each year on US weapons though officials pronounced no specific arms deals were discussed in Thursday’s talks.

The US supervision has authorized some-more than US$86 billion (Dh315.62bn) in weapons sales to Saudi Arabia given 2010, including a swift of upgraded F-15 warrior jets, Apache conflict helicopters, an array of missiles, Patriot batteries and other hardware.

* Agence France-Presse

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