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Web chat ends in knife attack ordeal

Web chat ends in knife attack ordeal

His alleged victim, a 26-year-old Filipina waitress, claims the man invited her to a party at his home in International City in Dubai, but when she arrived there was no one else there. She says he became violent, held a knife to her throat and also threatened her with a stun gun. Her ordeal only ended, she told Dubai Court of First Instance yesterday, when she grabbed the knife and defended herself. However, the defendant, a 34-year-old Egyptian accountant, denies charges of kidnap and attempted rape. The Filipina said in her testimony that she befriended the man on facebook in September after they initially struck up conversation on Yahoo Messenger. She said: “We started calling each other and then he invited me to a party, so I accepted and went to his apartment.” She added: “Suddenly he attacked me with a knife. I was thrown to a sofa and he tied my feet with chains. He even threatened me with a stun gun and said he would kill me if I didn’t have sex with him.” She said she offered to give him her BlackBerry if he let her go. She then grabbed his knife as he reached for the phone. The woman then made a break for it. She said: “I ran towards the window of the first-floor apartment and jumped out, calling for help.” The trial has been adjourned and the defendant has been remanded in custody.
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