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What Makes Sports Investing a Safer Option Than Stock Investing?

Most people blindly invest in methods that are traditional not because these methods are very safe for investing purposes, but because people aren’t aware of some safe, profitable means of investing that have remained well-kept secrets for a few years now. If you’re not convinced yet, that there are investing options that can be more profitable and rewarding than stocks, mutual funds and bonds, let me explain to you why we are so sure about what we have mentioned above. These conclusions don’t come from just reading or researching but from decades of experience in investing.

Let’s do a comparative study of the traditional investing options Vs what we call the ‘smart investing option’ or for those who are still not so sure it’s really ‘smart,’ for the time being let’s stick to ‘sports investing option.’

For our comparative study, we’re going to take into account the performance of traditional stock investors. If you are one of the regular investors, or even if you’re thinking about becoming a regular, you should know that apart from the teeny-weeny gains, you end up having really a huge loss percentage. You probably keep thinking all through that this is going to change with a little more experience and a little more and still a little more. But really, if you were the sensible kind, you would have realized that it’s nothing but a gamble. It’s only luck that has a chance to plays its part and you just are the piggy bank enabling luck to play its game.

So how this is different with sports investing you may ask. First, you should understand that there is a stark difference between sports investing and sports betting. Most new people think that they are both the same. But the truth is, like I mentioned, they are not synonyms.

Sports betting is reckless betting! You may win, but you are sure to lose many, many more times than the number of times you actually make some money out of it. If you wondered how many of the sportsbooks make a lot of money, this is exactly how. Anyone can be good or bad at sports betting, after all, what training do you need to lose money?

On the other hand, not everyone can do sports investing. It requires discipline, money management, and the ability to strictly follow a structure. Luck is not the primary factor and that’s why the disciplined can definitely be successful in sports investing.

Dan Penner is an expert in sports investing and is also the owner of Investors Group Sports Picks and The Sports Investor.

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